20+ Fascinating Online Shopping Statistics 2023 : Online Shopping Vs In-Store Shopping

If you are considering branching away from physical stores, there is no better time to do so, with a huge range of brands and products available online at your convenience. The product descriptions on the items that you are buying also give you a more accurate depiction of the product itself than the labels in-store. For instance, if you wanted to find out more about the ethics of the company in question, you could access all of this information online, an aspect which you would not ordinarily be able to find in stores. You will also be able to find online reviews on e-commerce stores or review sites that detail the quality of the product in question from a real customer’s experience. This can assure you that the product is of good quality from the perspective of others.

The adoption of technology, particularly online selling, has created a realm of possibilities for women entrepreneurs, enabling them to initiate and expand their businesses in unprecedented ways. It has also provided an expansive online customer base, especially for those women entrepreneurs with limited mobility. Digitizing payments is becoming easy for businesses of all sorts and sizes. For example, retail stores, restaurants, D2C & Ecommerce or travel booking agents, etc. can digitize their payment collections using solutions such as Payment Links, InstaCollect, etc. Small businesses can easily get onboarded with payment platforms and get their payments taken care of. Engaging with customers and prospects on social media is another critical tactic for small retailers. By responding to customer inquiries, comments, and complaints in a timely and professional manner, retailers can build a loyal following and establish trust with their audience.

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His experience spans a wide range of industries including retail, CPG, high-tech, manufacturing, financial services, telecom, energy, and media. This framework allows enterprises to handle any new experience and deliver it far faster than traditional commerce technologies. Read more about Discount Shit here. One of the most praiseworthy features of e-commerce gifting platforms is their ability to simplify gift buying. These platforms have successfully undertaken the Herculean task of stripping away the complexities and anxieties traditionally accompanying the search for the perfect gift. Users are greeted with an appealing and easy-to-use interface, allowing them to effortlessly sift through a treasure trove of gift ideas expertly categorised by occasion, recipient, or budget. The pressure of time no longer hangs heavy; informed decisions can be made with ease.


Several companies competing with Lenovo since the early 2010s stagnated and eventually left the market, but Lenovo grew with a three-pronged approach towards physical, digital and omnichannel infrastructure. Dinesh Nair, Director – Consumer Business, Lenovo India, underscores the foresight with which Lenovo churned the domestic market ever since it entered India in 2004, after acquiring IBM’s PC division. Cyber attacks are only getting more sophisticated, and the retail industry does collect a large amount of information that cybercriminals can benefit from. Retailers, therefore, need to finance their cybersecurity to prevent any data leaks, ransomware, phishing attacks, or more over their respective companies. Data encryption is required to encode sensitive information into codes and uses a special key to access any information. Encryption allows for more comprehensive data security of sensitive information, such as the credentials of users.

Looking Ahead: Sustaining Growth, Innovation, and Customer-Centricity

Eliminating most of your transportation expenses is one of the online shopping tips, as you don’t have to drive around town to source whichever product you need. With online shopping, you only need your laptop or phone and an internet connection to access hundreds of stores from the comfort of your home. The seller will offer delivery to your home, and although you may need to pay a delivery fee, the amount is undoubtedly lower than what you would spend on gas. Comparison shopping is a great way to save money during online shopping.

When customers are unhappy, they will switch to another service company or stop buying your products. The only two countries in the world ahead of the UK were China and the US. On the other hand, in Europe, the UK doesn’t have a match when it comes to the online shopping market because it has online sales revenues that surpass those of the two biggest markets combined — France and Germany. According to online shopping statistics, the UK is among the leading nations globally with the most number of digital buyers. Despite the predicted decline of 6.3% when the market returns to normal by the end of 2021, online retail shopping will continue to increase. Online shopping growth statistics in the UK show that it will continue rising steadily until 2024 to reach 2020 levels. The primary reason for this was the closing of retail stores during COVID-19 lockdowns.

Before artificial intelligence and machine learning mnemonics gathered steam in India, Titan’s jewelry division has been using it to track and gauge consumer touch points across its businesses. Sharad Kapoor is the Director & Head of Smart Residential, MEIIA at ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions.

AI-based research offers the advantage of speed, accuracy, and scalability, allowing companies to adapt swiftly to evolving market dynamics and make informed decisions based on robust data-driven insights. Companies like THE LIGHTBULB.AI leverage AI-enabled technology to offer a range of research services. These include qualitative and quantitative research, ad testing, as well as UI/UX testing. Their advanced capabilities encompass facial coding, eye tracking, speech transcription, text sentiment analysis, and audio tonality analysis.

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