How Information Technology Benefits Transportation and Logistics

For example, rather than working with the loosely integrated APIs available today, AI will automate manual tasks to help shippers reduce support costs and deliver a more personal customer experience. AI will integrate behavioral and supply chain data and then analyze hundreds of thousands of constraints and variables across disparate systems. As part of your reverse logistics process, establish clear guidelines for when an item can be resold. Read more about global logistics services here. Do the same with any third-party logistics providers you’re working with to process returns. Share your quality standards with them and do random spot checks to make sure imperfect inventory is flagged.

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Part and parcel to the nearshoring trend is a greater demand for intermodal shipping across the U.S./Mexico border. If your cross-border shipping strategy could improve or your company wants to create a more efficient supply chain to support your nearshoring strategy, follow these best practices.

How We Broke the Supply Chain

Online companies need to ensure their reverse logistics are just as well-oiled as their fulfillment process. Lost packages can lead to delayed refunds, which can affect customer satisfaction. Lost items can also result in a double loss, as those products can no longer be resold after having already issued a refund.

Importance of Inbound and Outbound Logistics

It can include various functions such as vehicle financing and leasing, licensing and compliance, vehicle maintenance, accident management and supply chain management. In e-commerce, goods are in a warehouse until a customer places an order through the company’s website, before shipping the product directly to the customer. In traditional retail, companies may store the items may in a warehouse before delivering them to a physical store. As mentioned above, fuel surcharges can be applied to some shipping services but not others. Where things can really add up is when fuel surcharges are added to multiple services, for example remote area delivery as well as peak surcharges. Get the resources you need to reduce overall transportation costs, ship products into new channels and international markets.

You might walk into a Burger King and see a sign that says “Sorry, no french fries with any order. We have no potatoes.” Or the fries will be soggy, because there’s not enough cooking oil. Common lab materials like pipette tips or the special plastic bags used to make vaccines may not be sold at the corner store, but shortages in these items arguably have an even greater impact on our lives in the age of COVID. As a direct result, for the first time in most of our lifetimes (provided we didn’t live in the former Soviet Union), we’re experiencing random shortages. Real-time dispatch monitoring improves customer satisfaction, reduces wastefulness, promotes safe practices, and improves overall profitability.

You may implement such systems alongside technologies like GPS tracking, internet of things (IoT), big data, machine learning, and radio frequency identification (RFID), to achieve end-to-end supply chain control. To gain a competitive advantage and ensure customer satisfaction, you need to run high-performance shipping logistics operations, backed by a just-in-time strategy.

Essentially, LTL freight shipments combine partial loads to create full multi-stop truckloads, which is very efficient. Shipping costs are based on space used, the class of items being shipped, and pickup and destination locations. Shipping logistics is the overall process of managing and overseeing the movement of goods, products, or raw materials.

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