How Long Does Roadside Assistance Take? Heres What to Know

You’ll learn what will automatically disqualify you from being accepted as a service provider for many of the insurance companies. Over the past 26 months, since we’ve sold our business, I’ve had time to think about what we went through and the details of how we built it into the success that it became. Long ago, through gentle but firm prodding from my wife, I learned that I wasn’t in the Roadside Assistance Business serving people, I was in the People Business providing roadside assistance.

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Getting a flat tire or dead battery can be a hassle if you don’t have anyone to help you. Emergency roadside assistance covers these types of events — but not for free. Roadside assistance prices can vary widely, but a plan is typically worth the cost if you use it even once during the year.

Where to get roadside assistance

For example, there may be restrictions on which towing companies you can use or how many vehicles are covered. It’s also helpful to ask about adding multiple drivers to your policy if you’re not the only person who drives your car.

Data is the Key to an Effective Smart City Mobility Strategy

It can also be used to prevent a breakdown, saving time and money for drivers and service providers. For example, monitoring and alerting on tire pressure status could predict and prevent flat tires from happening. If a driver does get a flat, data could assure it was changed properly.

The advantage of using a pay-per-use roadside assistance program like Mach1 Services is that it’s essentially the best of both worlds. You only have to pay for the services you contract, like you would with an independent mechanic. However, you still have access to vetted roadside assistance professionals that you would have with a roadside assistance club membership. Many of the problems that motorists run into on their commutes, such as flat tires or dead batteries, can be corrected on the road with the right know-how and equipment. This can help drivers avoid expensive towing fees and help get them back on the road faster. A Verizon plan costs $4.99 a month per phone line for four claims a year. The maximum benefit per incident varies depending on the service provided.

AAA includes the installation charge in your membership fee but you’ll pay for the battery itself. Car service has to be maintained with a decent warranty to begin with since the driver may only be allowed to fix their car at specific facilities. Sometimes cars deprecate in value, so extended warranties can only pay for a portion of the cost to repair or replace parts that need replacing, sometimes some of which roadside assistance can repair. With nearly a third of Americans experiencing car trouble and almost 70 million breakdowns per year, it is often worth it to consider roadside assistance coverage when choosing a policy. He started writing about personal finance in 2017 to document his journey to get rid of thousands of dollars in credit card debt. Two years ago, he pivoted away from writing for his own blog to focus on writing for major publishers like Bankrate, Forbes Advisor and Credible. He covers a variety of topics, including insurance, debt management and personal loans.

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