How to Get Rid of Scrap Metal for Free Junk Removal

You can walk in or call and ask whether the manufacturer has metal to scrap for free. Coach Dom Costa is a metal scrapper in Los Angeles, CA, who reported earning $400+ per month. By contrast, loose scrap takes up more space, so you likely have to take several trips to bring all of them to a recycler. All those round-trips, in turn, can consume loads of gas or fuel. We accept credit card payments online, by phone, and in person.

Shredding is also a great option when processing materials that aren’t 100% metal; think of a car or a household appliance. Read more about Free scrap metal collection bristol here. These items will often be made of metals, plastics, glass and fabrics. The process of recycling is done in stages and each stage brings the metal closer to something that can be used once again.

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If you have a lot of scrap metal or are producing a lot of scrap metal on a regular basis, you’re probably required by law to ensure they get recycled. Rubbish removal Kensington, London will be a very different experience from one in Montgomery, Alabama. While the surplus has resulted in lower prices for manufacturers purchasing metals such as aluminum for production, it has driven down the rates and demand for scrap metal recycling. Typical ferrous scrap items submitted for recycling include things such as old machinery, stoves, refrigerators, freezers, and automobile engines. Nonferrous metal recyclables, meanwhile, typically come from copper wire and piping, brass fixtures, aluminum siding, chairs, and old computers.

According to IBIS World, there are over 700 scrap metal recycling businesses in the U.S. With more and more companies pushing for sustainable waste management practices, relying on these facilities has become more critical than ever. Selling scrap metal is a great way to save or even make money on a job while meeting your project sustainability goals. Keep in mind that the type of metal — ferrous vs. non-ferrous — may impact your ability to sell scraps as well as the quality and quantity of the metal itself. Many buyers will only take certain types and amounts of metals based on market value. Plastic is stripped from wires and metal pieces are removed from items.


Obviously, if you’ve got copper wiring lying around in your garage, that’s a go-to. Automated wire cutters remove the protected insulation to process wiring on mass. For small amounts, a handheld wire stripper or even household scissors will cut through the shielding easily enough. And motor vehicles are smashed before going into an industrial shredder rather than a baler.

A great place to start is by taking your scrap to GLE Scrap Metal, a premier scrap metal recycler. If your business has a lot of scrap metal, some recycling facilities may help you arrange transportation. Whether it is at your business or home, scrap metal is all around you. For instance, you will want to separate your copper, aluminum, steel, and so on into different bins.

Actual processing starts with compacting of the metals using a variety of machines so that they don’t occupy a lot of space on the conveyor belt. After this, the metals are shredded or broken into tiny pieces or sheets. Shredded metals have a higher surface area to volume ratio and thus consume less energy during melting. To really understand how awesome metal recycling is, one needs to look at the bigger picture. For a long time now, our economy has been struggling to create jobs.

Step 1: Check Your Metals

Strong demand for steel in the automotive and construction sectors is fueling industry growth. A local metal scrap yard is a business that buys scrap metal as is or contained in various sources. They usually pay per kilogram based on the type of metal scrap sold to them. The shredding part of this process also ensures that there are smaller amounts of emissions used during the next stage of the scrap metal recycling process, which is burning. If you don’t know how to handle scrap metal recycling or wish there was a way you could get some value from all that scrap, we’ve got good news for you.

In Los Angeles, California, for instance, you need a license either as an individual or a business to sell scrap metals. Although non-ferrous metals will bring you more money, it’s tough to collect as much as you would with ferrous metals. The price of scrap metals is dependent on the type of metal you have and where you live. If you want to make more money from scrapping metal, focus on high quality metals such as copper, brass, aluminum, lead, silver, and gold. These are either precious such as gold and silver, or heavy such as lead.

How to Identify Recyclable Scrap Metal?

You may not always get your inventory for free, but you can start with whatever initial investment you’re comfortable with, and scale from there. Licensing scrappers is a way of ensuring you’re not selling stolen metals such as copper wires. Before you get started, make sure to check your local and state laws to find out if you need a license. These are important to ensure safety when you carry scrap metals. A dolly is essential for hauling heavy appliances or other sources of scrap metal from different places to your truck or to the recycling center.