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Sherpa Auto Transport exclusively offers door-to-door shipping, as most of our clients prefer its convenience. There are currently about one billion cars circulating throughout the world. Both in France and abroad, it is the prevailing means of transport when it comes to road traffic. Car manufacturing has never ceased to increase over the last decade. Before it is loaded onto a carrier, it is essential to clean it thoroughly.

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Use our instant quote calculator to help you see the cost to ship your car quickly and accurately. Shipping a car is not a simple process, so you’ll want to choose a company that has plenty of experience and a good track record. Make sure that your vehicle will be covered in case of damage during shipping.

Preparing your car for auto transport

The two biggest determining factors on  if you need a flatbed carrier for your vehicle are size and weight. You’ll probably be surprised about the type of vehicles that require this specialized service.

Selecting a shipping company

All auto transport companies are required to hold liability insurance, but additional insurance coverage isn’t required by law. If a company doesn’t carry cargo insurance, you may want to consider purchasing extra insurance for your shipment.

What will it cost to ship my car?

You’ll need to confirm that the pick up location is suitable for commercial vehicles. Parking restrictions, low-hanging branches, or overhead power cables will be a problem for the carrier’s truck and trailer. The details you’ll need to provide include the city and state where you want your vehicle to be picked up, the city and state where you want your vehicle delivered. You’ll need to provide the vehicle, make, model, and year of the vehicle and whether it’s running or not. In addition, you have to decide how you’d prefer to ship your car and when it will be ready for pick up (first available pick-up date).

Our car shipping cost calculator determines the most basic rate, the Standard Tier, that works well on popular routes given some customer patience. Read more about Portugal uk car transport here. We recommend selecting the Expedited Tier to ship your vehicle faster. If you are in a bigger hurry, choose the Rush Tier, a very good idea during extreme seasonal fluctuations. Single car enclosed transport is the best option for vintage, classic, and luxury cars. This shipping method provides absolute protection for your car during transport. Inclement weather, rock chips, insects, road debris, and various other mishaps that can happen on the road aren’t a concern in an enclosed trailer.

United provides car shipping services for moves from state-to-state as well as across the country. No matter the distance, United can meet all your moving needs and provide you with a seamless auto transport experience. Our Car Transport Service provides a hand-picked team of professional drivers who pick up your vehicle at the time and place of your choosing, then drive it to its destination. All of our drivers are carefully selected and work with us on an ongoing basis to provide you with a professional long-distance, cross-country car transport service. Before they start driving for us, we do full background and driving checks, road testing, and personality analysis.

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