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Look for road signs for instructions or research free road service online before your next trip. There is relatively little training to become a contracted roadside assistance provider. However, some important training steps would be to obtain a CDL license, be physically capable for the job, and complete hands-on tow truck operator training. There is always a need for roadside assistance contractors who can work flexible hours, including nights, weekends, and holidays. This can also provide a sense of job security, as there is always demand for their services.

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Because of that, insurance companies will often pay roadside assistance contractors far less than they could get from customers who contact them directly. Other insurance companies that offer roadside assistance services may have different procedures for how to request assistance. While it’s great to include this add-on to your car insurance policy, you must also consider other factors when deciding whether to get this coverage from a car insurance company. By far the easiest way to pay for roadside assistance coverage is to roll it into your insurance policy or sign up with a free pay-per-use roadside assistance plan like Mach1 Services.

A roadside assistance plan can help you out when a flat tire, an empty gas tank, or a leaky radiator cuts your drive short. It can defray the high cost of towing and even provide discounts on travel-related services. Whether you want to buy a roadside assistance plan is a personal choice. If you only drive short distances or have coverage automatically through your car manufacturer or credit card company, you might not want to spring for the extra protection. And if you barely use roadside assistance, then you might be comfortable paying out of pocket on those rare occasions.

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You’ll understand the value of the role of matchmaker, and how you being one can aid in getting referral after referral from the repair shops. What we’ve created here and are offering to you is The Definitive Blueprint for Creating a Roadside Assistance Business that will last long into the future. It’s filled with everything you will need to build a highly profitable business. And…during the first three months in business he struggled, but after using the strategies and tools we provide in this Roadside Assistance Business Blueprint, Wesley’s company began to take off. You are starting a business because you want to provide for your family, To Give Them A Better Life. Besides, most of them don’t have the ability to understand people like you and me. Knowing what’s required before you get started is exactly why this guide is so valuable, it provides you with the information necessary to make an informed decision and avoid making costly mistakes.

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Roadside Assistance Coverage

The main aim of roadside assistance is to get stranded drivers back on the road as soon as possible. If your car is under three years old or has fewer than 36,000 miles on the odometer, roadside assistance is likely still covered. Most major manufacturers offer some kind of roadside assistance service for a limited period which covers battery jump starts, flat tire help, fuel delivery, lockouts and towing. Lemonade Car includes roadside assistance as part of a car insurance policy when users drive with the Lemonade app. It’s included for each car listed and covered by a Lemonade insurance policy as long as the user’s account is set up correctly in the Lemonade app. Other car insurance companies offer the option for a customer to purchase emergency roadside assistance as an endorsement, or for a monthly or annual fee.

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